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Yes, it's that time. Welcome to the world, Death Benefit. I know I e-mailed you just a few weeks ago to let you know this was coming, but it's always exciting when a book "goes live." So please forgive me for invading your inbox once more to bring you this news.

As of today, Death Benefit is available on Amazon. For a limited time, we're keeping the introductory price for the electronic version at 99¢. It won't last long, so now's the time to snatch it up. If you've already pre-ordered it, it should be arriving on your device today without any further action on your part.

In addition, Death Benefit is available on Amazon in paperback form. The price: $9.99.


Joseph Finder, NY Times best-selling author of The Switch, says "A clever twist on a classic thriller model—the dead body and a mysterious insurance policy—with a bright young investigator who asks all the right questions, and an all-too-convincing gallery of suspects and motives. Law student Elliot Lerner's career is just starting in Death Benefit, and I can't wait to see what he does next." Thanks Joe!

Also, I told you last time that in addition to the electronic and paper versions, Death Benefit will go audio. I'm excited to be collaborating with the talented Kyle Tait, as he works to give life to Elliot Lerner and the others who inhabit the book. It's truly a blast to hear how Kyle does it. You can learn about Kyle here. We're hoping to release the audio version, which will be available through Amazon's Audible platform, in November. I'll be sure to let you know when the time comes.

Silent Counsel Finally, don't forget to pick up your copy of Silent Counsel, which remains at the celebratory price of 99¢ for the electronic version. Except, that is, if you click right now (on September 6), you can grab it for nothing. Yup, it's free right now, but that deal ends today! The paper version remains at $9.99.


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