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Welcome to the official website of Ken Isaacson. Ken has been a practicing attorney for almost thirty-five years. Lawyers write for a living, and many people think they write fiction for a living. Ken decided one day to abandon all pretenses and write something that he could readily admit was completely made up. So now, he writes crime fiction.

Silent Counsel
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Now Available in Paperback and eBook:

Silent Counsel

"[Silent Counsel] boasts a complex story and heart-pounding climax
that will have readers looking forward to Isaacson's next."
   —Kirkus Reviews

A six-year-old boy killed in a hit-and-run incident. A lawyer retained by the driver but bound by the attorney-client privilege to keep his client's identity secret. And a grieving mother seeking to find her son's killer. We like to think that law and justice are synonymous, but Silent Counsel shows what happens when they clash.

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